Transition Bootcamp:
15 days to smooth, easy
classroom transitions
What's the hardest part of your day?
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Chances are, it's one (or all!) of your transitions.

Transitions - times that children are moving from one activity or space to another - are often chaotic and exhausting, even for very skilled teachers.
It doesn't have to be that way!
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In 15 short lessons, Transition Bootcamp will give you all the tools and strategies you need to:
Prevent challenging behavior during transitions
Make transitions much easier
for teachers and children
Shorten transitions to maximize learning time
Can you commit to spending a few minutes a day for a few weeks,
if the payoff is a smoother, easier workday, every day?

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I loved the format. Applying the knowledge was way more meaningful than just passively learning.
What I learned from this course is can be used if not already. The course was also confirming on many levels because we already use a lot of the tools and techniques.
I learned so many things! How much time and extra energy is actually spent on transitions alone and what could be done to to make these transitions less time consuming and less stressful. How to look at each transition and break them down to figure out what's going wrong. How to improve each transition by creating tools, visuals, and using new strategies.
Register multiple staff members
and transform transitions across your site
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Because I could do this for my entire staff (affordability!) we could acquire the information at our own pace yet still have others to bounce around ideas and plans...a great recipe for small centers to gain important information and skills without depleting the budget
The course was perfect to allow my team to complete at their own pace (with some guidelines from me to allow discussions at staff meetings). The price can't be beat and the resources were valuable.
It was interesting to realize how many transitions were a part of our day even after a revamp a few years back to decrease some transitions. Doing this bootcamp alongside my staff has been an amazing and fruitful endeavor.
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I would definitely recommend this course to other teachers because transitioning can be difficult and using these strategies can ease your way through transitioning, not only with all students but can really give you assistance with minimizing challenging behaviors.
I like that the course is structured to be used and applied right away.
So many times you get stuck in a rut and solutions seem impossible when the answer is so simple. This course gives that extra push to go ahead and try something new and different. 
Frequently Asked Questions
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Who is this course for?
Teachers! Actually, anyone involved in planning/leading classroom transitions (paras, EAs, assistant teachers, special service providers, etc..) We focus on preschool, but the principles and lessons apply to early elementary classrooms, and to toddler transitions as well.
When does it start and finish?
Whenever you like! There are 15 lessons, and you can choose to do them in a true bootcamp format, with one lesson and assignment per day, or you can slow down and spread the lessons out over a longer period of time.
Can I get professional development credit for this course?
When you have completed all of the lessons, including each daily assignment, you will receive a certificate for 4 hours of professional development. If you need us to work with you to make sure that the course is eligible for credit from your state or organization, we're happy to do that.
What is the time commitment?
Expect to spend about 10-20 minutes on each lesson. Some lessons also include optional reading or other resources, which you may choose to spend more time with.
Do I need to set aside a specific time of day for the course?
Some people find that it is easier to set aside a specific time for working on the lessons, but you can work on the course at any time that is convenient for you.
How long do I have access?
After enrolling, you have unlimited access to the content for as long as you like.
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I gained many ideas for making transitions a learning opportunity and I found it helpful to see other classrooms in action. I tend learn best by observing.
As a veteran teacher, I learned a lot that I would have loved to be able to implement when I was a new teacher. I think this course would be great for new teachers to help them relieve the stress that sometimes come with transitions. Especially since transitions aren't commonly covered in college classes.
I have really loved this course. I am making more effort to use positive feedback during clean up time. Before I was doing it at other times, but not during transitions. Now I'm doing it all the time and it's working.
Participants will:
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  • Collect information about the current state of transitions in their classrooms
  • Summarize new research on transitions in the early childhood day
  • Learn evidence-based practices related to smooth transitions
  • Plan for transitions using evidence-based practices
  • Put those practices into action for at least one daily transition
I learned so many things! I realized just how much time is spent daily in transitions in my classroom and how to decrease that time. I also learned how to enhance that time and use it as a learning time and how to incorporate games within that time frame.
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